About Us

Ben Sutherland


Welcome to Spine Consultants, my name is Ben and I grew up in the Barossa Valley South Australia playing hockey and tennis. After school I got heavily involved with gym, and from there developed my passion. I then used that passion to create a career as a successful Personal Trainer. After years of Personal Training I decided that I wanted to specialize in biomechanics and rehabilitation mainly for the gym junkie that doesn’t have access to elite level facilities. My passion took me too many different places and I have mentored with some of the greatest minds in Australia.

In May 2014 Spine Consultants was born. I am very passionate about Spine Consultants and the work we do after having dealt with my own issues and injuries throughout my life. I kept looking, learning, doing courses, asking and eventually I found answers, here at Spine Consultants we are able to share those answers with you.

We like to keep it simple here at Spine Consultants, our methods speak for themselves.