Introducing me

My name is Ben Sutherland I grew up in the Barossa Valley in SA playing hockey and tennis. After school I got heavily involved with gym, and from there developed a passion for helping other people. I then used that passion to create a career as a successful personal trainer in the city of Adelaide. After two years of personal training I decided to expand my knowledge of the human body, I chose to study Massage Therapy, after beginning the course I discovered I loved it and was constantly hungry for more. After completing the course I expanded my current personal training business to also incorporate massage therapy in June 2013 and since then I have focused on developing my skills using multiple different courses and mentors.

In May 2014 Spine Consultants was born. I am very passionate about Spine Consultants after having dealt with my own issues and injuries throughout my exercising life; I went to see many different practitioners ranging from massage therapists to physiotherapists and beyond. No one seemed to be able to give me the answers to the questions I was asking, so I kept looking and eventually I discovered Spinopractic Massage. Through Spinopractic Massage I was able to stabilize my spine and allow my body to function optimally and thus allow all of my old issues that kept troubling me to simply disappear.

I have a goal which I want to achieve every year, a goal that I am very passionate about. That goal is to help 10,000 people per year. I want you reading this to help me achieve this goal. Tell your friends, family, co-workers everybody, we have the ability to help create a change and shift that will improve society and those people living within.