3 tips for non-specific back pain

We always recommend a full complete assessment for any injury, not only does it save great amounts of time by correctly identifying the issue it also ensures that there isn’t something more serious happening.

But what can you do while you wait for you assessment or aren’t interested in having a full assessment at this point? If you have non-specific back pain that is either consistent or inconsistent I can quite safely say that there are three things that you should be working on immediately.

  1. Glute function & strength
  2. Spinal Extension strength
  3. Trunk Stability

I could explain why but I won’t here. If you’d like the reasoning behind feel free to shoot us an email or Facebook message and I’ll be happy to explain it in further detail.

How do you strengthen/stabilize those three things safely?

  1. Glute bridges (single or double leg)
  2. Prone Cobra
  3. 45 degree Back extension (driving with glutes not lumbar spine)
  4. Suitcase Carry or Hold
  5. Side Plank (elbow or hand)

I guarantee if you use those five exercises in your warm up or training program you should notice a decent improvement of symptoms relatively fast. Again I can’t stress enough that if your back pain is specific you’ll need an assessment to rule out all the serious stuff.

Happy Lifting..