Always had dodgy ankles?

Always had dodgy ankles/feet? I'd roughly estimate 80% of the population have weak or poor functioning feet. Its quite rare to find someone that has strong, stable feet that have full Range of Motion.

What common factor limits your squat performance the most? You guessed it. Your feet. Without stable strong feet you can't hope to effectively stabilise easily without compensations or energy drains of any joint above them e.g. knee, hip, lumbar, thoracic or cervical spine & shoulders.

While there is a range of options available to improve your foot strength, stability and overall performance. (Orthotics don't count - discussion for another time)

There is one thing thats extremely easy, costs nothing and adds a total of two seconds to your morning routine.. Re-lace your shoes. Don't bother buying new laces just take the laces out and relace the shoe. Once you've done that stand up and put your shoes on and kneel down next to them to tie the laces instead of sitting down to tie your laces.

Your feet function completely different when standing to sitting. Its important to have some weight through the foot while you tie the laces to accurately have the shoe adjusted for your foot.

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