Guest Post - Trivaran Naidoo

Hey guys, my names Trivaran (Triv), having lived and breathed this lifestyle for over 15 years and been working in the industry for over 10, I am confident in my ability to produce results with clients from many walks of life who have different goals.  After becoming obsessed with health and fitness I left a career as a Mechanical Engineer to pursue my passion.  

My primary specialty is body composition/hypertrophy/fat loss.  Over the years of studying under various schools, mostly strength and conditioning for high level athletes, I found that I gravitate most towards the body building area where many methods are utilized to achieve optimal results, so it’s far from just carrying out a one size fits all method.

Furthermore, to the above, I would have to say that diet coaching is something I am even more passionate about and invest a lot of energy in order to optimize a client’s health and metabolism. By focusing on a clients health and metabolism function ultimately it leads to far better results with fat loss and muscle gain. Using principles from functional medicine / naturopathy I can fast track results in many cases by ensuring a solid foundation is in place and all areas of the body function well.

Beyond general fat loss / muscle gain I have worked with more serious individuals that compete in body building and fitness modelling contests.  This, being a far more thorough endeavor in most cases, requires even more attention to detail prior, during and post contest…. which I enjoy thoroughly.   

I currently train clients 1 on 1 at Fitness First Richmond as well as provide online coaching services to those who are unable to train in person, and are self-motivated.