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Going back to where we started. Over the years I've personally worked with 7 international Bodybuilding Champions, from across almost every federation. Having worked with two dozen interstate and state champions as well as almost 100 amateur competitors. There would be few practitioners that equal that level of clinical experience when treating today’s bodybuilders.

This September I want to help you bring your best possible package to the stage, the package that you've been grinding day and night for months.

Of course, I can’t (and don’t) make claims for glory on the backs of others for their hard work. However, I love watching clients achieve their goals and happy to be a part of the process in helping them get there.

Soft tissue work, fascial release, muscle activation and joint mobilizations prior to a show couldn't be more underutilized. It's the professional competitors "secret" weapon, the final tool in the arsenal that completes the package.

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*To claim the 50% offer simply present your current federation registration at your appointment*