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Shoulder Issues
We treat many shoulder issues, an inherently unstable joint, stability is key. We provide treatment & strengthening programs.
Back Pain
Most people will experience some sort of back pain during their lifetime. We prescribe routines to strengthen your back and treatments to relieve pain.
Hip Pain
Hip pain can strike all age groups, we resolve the pain by a thorough assessment to find the problem then tailor treatment and training programs to you.
Neck Pain / Headaches
Poor posture, faulty training technique and a sedentary lifestyle all contribute. Experience our evidence based effective techniques for yourself and break the cycle.
Feel Better & Perform Better
Why Choose Us

Providing a range of innovative, manual therapy (hands on) solutions to eliminate pain and support your training & sports performance. Our practitioners have a wide range of experience from hospital neurological & orthopedic wards to supporting athletes at national events along with almost two decades of clinical practice.

Ben Sutherland
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Feel Better & Perform Better
What our clients say
Wouldn’t be able to do what I do without you guys!! Thank you!!
Vanessa TransfieldMelbourne, Australia
Started seeing Ben after lots of mates had seen him and so glad, I did! Love that Ben not only treats my pains during our sessions but also shows me exercises to address the underlying issues. Super smart bloke and I couldn’t recommend highly enough!
Robert TAdelaide, Australia
Ben is full of knowledge. I dislike him heaps, but love him at the same time. Not only has he helped me but my clients have seen awesome results too. Thanks mate
Liam FitzgeraldMelbourne, Australia
“I was involved in a serious car accident in 2009. I’ve been seeing Ben for over 6 years now and couldn’t recommend him highly enough! Thanks for keeping me functioning mate.”
Steve GrigordiadisAdelaide / Melbourne, Australia
For Better Wellness & Hope
Ben Sutherland

I grew up in the Barossa Valley South Australia playing hockey and tennis. After school, I got heavily involved with the gym, and from there, developed my passion. I then used that passion for creating a career as a successful Personal Trainer. After years of Personal Training, I decided that I wanted to expand my knowledge of the inner workings of the human body.
Through my sports and over ten years of gym training, I’ve injured almost every joint and muscle in my body. I struggled to find help while recovering from the injuries from someone that understood me and the unique loads of training placed on my body.
It leads me to take a particular interest in biomechanics, clinical diagnosis and the rehabilitation process. My passion is to help others that train or play an active sport in both the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries and pass along the knowledge and lessons I’ve acquired.

Natalie Stiles

Natalie Stiles has worked for 12 year’s in the health and fitness industry as a strength and conditioning coach and massage therapist.

Holding her Diploma of Massage Therapy, Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach Level 1, CF l1, Cert III and IV in Fitness 

With a background in equestrian and sprinting she is now competitive Crossfitter. She has dabbled in Muay Thai, trail running, rock climbing, kayaking and any other thing that looks fun and active.

Nat has helped everyone from weekend warriors to champion fighters prepare for specific events.  She loved nothing more than combining massage and movement to solve clients pain and imbalances.