Our myotherapists and remedial massage therapists use a variety of techniques that can help provide significant and lasting relief to knee pain. Your myotherapist will aim to increase the range of motion of the muscles and tissues of and around the knee while decreasing soft-tissue restrictions.
Repetitive movements, a history of injuries and degenerative conditions can lead to over-used knee muscles and the knee joint itself that will limit function. How you take care of your knee while your younger can have a direct impact on the function of your knee as you age. Knee function is vital to the completion of your normal daily activities and lifestyle, not just the sport and other hobbies you love.
Your myotherapist is well placed to provide a complete assessment of your knee pain to determine which structures are involved and what else might be affecting your knee pain. With this thorough assessment, your myotherapist will be able to create a treatment plan that will aim to provide immediate results.
Our myotherapy and remedial massage treatment plans always include exercise rehabilitation advice and suggestions to help create a long-lasting change to your function and pain. Muscle release techniques can be applied actively with your involvement or passively where we move your knee for you. Other treatment techniques may involve cupping, dry needling, stretching or joint mobilisation.
At the end of every treatment, we re-assess your knee function, and we want to see what change occurred and how your strengthening or stretching exercises are contributing to your function and pain. One of our favourite quotes is “If you aren’t assessing, your guessing”.
Learn how to strengthen, stretch and foam roll your knee and surrounding muscles at home to be able to pro-actively take care of your body and help return your knee to pain-free function.