Lower back pain can present in a host of different ways and have many other causes. You could experience dull aching pain or sharp stabbing pain and anything in between. While painkillers can be a useful tool to help manage the symptoms, they don’t treat the other lying reason that the symptoms are there in the first place. Getting to the route cause of your back pain is the real way to resolve it long term and prevent those symptoms. Myotherapy and Remedial Massage are excellent therapies to help manage the symptoms of lower back pain. Once you combine the soft tissue mobilisation, joint mobilisations and myofascial release techniques with correct exercise interventions, you now have a successful treatment for lower back pain. 

One of the best reasons to seek help from a myotherapist or remedial massage therapist for treatment for your lower back pain is that it is a safe and effective treatment option. Approximately 60-80% of Australian’s will experience lower back pain within their lifetime. Some incidences of lower back pain are resolved within 7 days yet can persist with recurrent episodes can continue to occur. 

The lower back, like every other joint of the body, is a complex dynamic of joints, nerves, muscles and connective tissues that work together to create movement. Your lower back function and posture isn’t independent of the rest of you, everything is connected. For example; the posture, flexibility and strength of your thoracic spine (upper back) has an overflow effect to onto your lower back. An assessment is recommended to isolate the specific reason/s for your lower back pain. Myotherapists are well trained in musculoskeletal evaluation and rehabilitation, it’s what our profession was created specifically for. 

What are some causes of lower back pain?

Back Pain can be debilitating and frustrating. Painkillers can address the symptoms but won’t resolve the reason that the lower back pain is present. Myotherapy for lower back pain can be an excellent option for short and long term recovery from lower back pain.