Remedial Massage Therapy

Pain and dysfunction are often caused by problems of the musculoskeletal system and through a thorough specific assessment followed by a hands-on targeted treatment, we aim to improve the patient’s function, movement and performance.

This is the core belief of all our therapies. Our remedial massage therapy treatments are targeted specifically for you and as such, every treatment will be tailored to you each time you visit.

We see lots of sports-related issues but we’re not only for the athlete many of our clients deal with high-stress environments and train in the gym just as hard.  Our treatments are designed to help facilitate your true potential.

Stop the pain & Boost Your Performance

Don’t agree to tolerate the pain any longer.

our services

Dry Needling

Effective, efficient and safe techniques for treating musculoskeletal injuries, pain and dysfunctions.

Exercise Therapy

Movement is the key to making short term changes permanent. Our “Pillars of movement” system helps you establish optimal movement patterns.

Muscle Therapies

Every treatment is unique and may include multiple manual therapy techniques to achieve your specific goals.

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