What a roller coaster ride 2020 has been so far! In March this year, we left our previous home in Adolph St, Richmond & we moved our clinic 500m down the road to 335 Swan St, Richmond. Our new clinic now resides within the Swan St Gym (SSG). Swan St Gym itself is a boutique personal training studio with some of the best strength & conditioning equipment & bar attachments I’ve seen to date. James (the owner of SSG) was a track and field athlete through his early years and has been a strength & conditioning coach privately working with various athletic departments in Victoria.

By moving our clinic within Swan St Gym, it now allows us to offer additional services to our client’s. Having a fully equipped gym onsite will enable us to expand and thoroughly analyze our client’s needs conclusively. These new services will be comprehensive movement analysis & exercise rehab therapy consultations. For example, you present with pain during bench pressing. Yet, the pain only appears at loads of 70% of your 1RM, so after we complete our initial orthopedic & neurological assessment. We’ll now be able to complete a movement specific analysis under load, on a bench press to find why your issue is occurring.

With a full array of equipment, we’ll be able to run through techniques, movements, warm-up drills and activation exercises, so you’re training can progress and remain injury-free or recover from injury faster. While we’ve been able to adapt and increase our services with our new clinic space, we are continuing to offer the same services we were before our move. That includes all our dry needling, manual therapy, instrument (scraping) tool work, myofascial cupping and joint mobilization therapies.

Aside from the benefits of being able to offer detailed consultations specific to our clients, it’s great to be back working within a gym and alongside passionate people keen to train and improve.