Remedial Massage therapists are skilled in all areas of massage and manual therapies with in-depth training across a broad range of skills and techniques. Some of those skills and techniques are myofascial release, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, trigger point, dry needling, cupping, stretching, hot and cold modalities. 

Remedial massage therapists are also able to prescribe exercises to help their clients restore length and function to their muscles. Having said this if you have a specific issue that needs an address, it may be warranted to seek an assessment from a general practitioner (GP) before your appointment. 

Remedial massage is an effective treatment to reduce and control pain, improve function, mobility and recover from an injury. A remedial massage is also a popular form of recovery from sporting activities and gym training. Remedial massage techniques such as deep tissue, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage and cupping are useful to increase blood flow to an area and help to remove waste materials from the tissues to speed their recovery. 

Remedial massage therapists are excellent at finding the areas of discomfort and tightness that the client was not aware of before the treatment. It’s common to feel a sense of relief and lifting after a treatment, attributed to a relaxation of the muscles and the nervous system. Remedial massage and Myotherapy are perfect preventative treatments for daily living, training and sport.